Do you have the creative spark? We believe that creativity is one key to being truely competitive. At Synaptic Forge, we have many varied interest, hobbies, and talents. May we share a few? 

Online Gaming      

Synaptic Forge is happy to sponsor - Game Night

       Thursday nights get wild between 8:30pm and Midnight.

       We host - so you're toast!

       You may also run into guild members playing Battle Field 2, Day of Defeat Source, Counter Strike Source, Insurgency, or Call of Duty4.

A few good links:





Nothing's better than building it yourself. We like dual-cores, fast graphics, and lots of RAM. We recommend shopping these sites.




We enjoy, paintball, competitive Practical Shooting sports such as 2 and 3 gun events, soccer, water and snow sports, just to name a few.



                     (International Practical Shooting Federation)

                     (United States Practical Shooting Association)

Boy Scouts of America

We support the Boy Scouts of America. Get involved. There are many opportunities for merit badge counselors, scout leaders, and financial benefactors.




Lest anyone think that we all act like kids around here, we do at least play by the rules. Rules are generally in place for safety. Sometimes, however they are just as fun as the games themselves.

Case in point - Have you heard about the "Shotgun" rules? If you have ever claimed the front passeger seat of the car, then you know what we are talking about. Check out the official rules here:


You may also want to check out humor on the web at: 


 All our best, the Synaptic Forge team.