Our services include:

      Product Development

  • Custom product development - you describe the problem, we'll provide the solution
  • New product invention - you define the market, we'll isolate a problem to be solved and provide a marketable product within the parameters of funding, time to market, marketability, and production restraints
  • Design services (consultative, 3D, CAD, industrial design)
  • Product viability consulting


  • Marketing services (consultative, marketing plan development and execution, contacts)
  • Assistance with new product introductions and marketing
      Project Management
  • Project plan consulting, assistance, and development
  • Projects large and small are best managed using standard PM practices. If you don't have the bandwidth to address your project alone, put the onus on us

      Funding and Facilitation

  • Assistance with project funding (consumer products - typical) - We can help you package your project to attract funding and provide insight into a product's market viability 
  • Selected projects may be funded in-house or we can facilitate between fund managers and the individual inventor
  • We encouarge shared develpment projects and will assist the casual inventor with product development and marketing on a shared benefit basis (with no out of pocket costs to the inventor)


Our in-house developments include:

  • Fruit PuzzlersTM    (Puzzle shaped fruit snacks)
  • Spamushi TM kit     (Hawaii's quick-meal gift to the world)
  • Y-Coach TM             (Sports - Youth Coach empowerment clipboard)
  • Pull-a-card TM          (business card marketing case)
  • Seal-a-card TM        (one step greeting card sealer)
  • Clean-n-Swab TM    (Parts cleaning apparatus)
  • and Much More!